Al – Fraid – Doe (Yes, I’m afraid so!)

Generic little recipe I’ve been using for years… Lots of variations for sure, let me explain that a little:

Pick your meatchicken or shrimp works best I think, cook it up in a pan until its fully cooked, chop it up to bite size pieces, set aside

Chop some fresh garlic cloves, add mushrooms and sauté in a little olive oil

I use a nice alfredo sauce in a jar, if you can find it on sale it tastes better ( I usually find it near the spaghetti sauces ) I always check the carb level too, I try to choose the lowest carb, but some people don’t care about that,,, and that’s ok too.

One packet of pesto sauce by Knorr (you can find this in the area where the gravy packets are typically located)

Mix all the ingredients above and heat to a simmer, this taste best when served hot.

I like to serve this over a bed of zucchini noodles, some folks call them zoodles.

You may want to use your favorite pasta, you decide.

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