Bierocks (YUM!)

Chop a whole head of cabbage up in tiny pieces

Dice a giant white onion

Fry about a pound of ground beef – add pepper

Fry 1 pack of Jimmy Dean sausage – add pepper

Set the fried meet aside – Preheat oven to 350

Fry the onions/cabbage together – Use olive oil, cast iron skillet is best but any frying pan will work but fry it to where it’s kind of burnt

Now mix everything together, fry it again, you may have to separate it into two batches depending on size of your pan

Fry it really good, every so often if you feel like you might be burning too much you can put a little water in it, maybe 1/4 cup – It will steam up a bit, get the burnt parts all mixed in the juices, yum!

Ok, set the mixture aside in a bowl

Now, my grandma used to make her own bread, homemade yeast and stuff. If you have time and patience for that, great, go ahead and do it. But for me, I get several containers of those biscuits that come in the can that pops open, I roll one out, put a couple spoons of the mixture in the middle and wrap It up in a little bundle, flip it over on your cookie sheet until your cookie sheet it full of bundles. Your gonna need about 4 or five cans of biscuits. This makes alot, you can freeze some filling and make it later too if you have extra.

Bake for about 20  to 30 minutes or until the tops are golden brown

Serve while warm ( I like mine hot) My husband likes pick a pepper sauce on his, or Franks red hot hot sauce, My kids like A1 sauce, ,I like all those really…. Normally I just eat mine as is,, they are soooo good…. People are always asking when I am going to make those “one things with fried cabbage” al the time… Enjoy, Make a lot, people love them and they take a while to make so make it worth it!

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