Stress? Seeking serenity?

My husband and I have led a Celebrate Recovery for a few years now and I like sharing this concept – it’s helpful.

Almost everyone has heard the serenity prayer at some point in their lives. And lots of people say it weekly at some sort of meeting – it’s become a phrase they say with a DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS look they say it so often. But let me share with you a whole new way to tap into its goodness. Life can be messy, and many of us have a lot on our plate these days.

Try making page with three columns and the following headings:

Things I cannot change

Things I can change

Things I am not sure about yet

Now, meditate on each column, name each and every thing, use more than one page if you need to but place as much as you can on this document. Pray over it daily, keep it with you as things will pop up in your mind to add or move from one column to another frequently.

The things in the first column you can not change, so there is no sense in worrying about them anymore. Give them to God and be done with it.

The second column, things you CAN change. Then put together a written plan. Write down why you want to change it, how it makes you feel now vs how you want it to make you feel – what will it look like once completed. So you don’t get overwhelmed, make the list in a priority of importance so you don’t over load yourself trying to change too many things at once. Since you have accepted the things you can’t change you should have relief from those worries. It really helps to know they are on the list, you will dismiss the temptation to worry about those things easier now.

The third column is for things you are not sure which column yet, as you move along in the process you will discover where to put them.

Now, daily prayer over your list is important – The Lord will guide you and reveal things to you along the way….maybe keep a journal for these tasks, you can get a cheap journal at the dollar tree last time I checked. Nothing fancy needed. Keep an extra area where you list your amazing accomplishments with each item.

BONUS: I MUST ADD, one awesome thing that tends to happen is that some of those things in the first column work themselves out on their own – those are some of my favorite journal entries- Don’t forget to thank the Lord for his grace and mercy ❤️ I hope this helps someone out there. God Bless

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