Anxiety… Check the roots…

Everything has a root, that anger problem you have, your reaction to difficulties, your worry about “what if”, your anxiety when faced with any type of confrontation, your relationship skills and on and on…whether its a new issue with a little baby root or an old one that roots are deep. Whether or not it is positive or negative, there is a root to it all.

As you can see from the pictures below, everyone can see the result of the root, but the roots are buried. We can even pretend they are not there if we want to, they will just grow deeper and deeper if we do not root them up and deal with them.

My husband and I recently (May 2019) changed churches (for a wide variety of reasons) after many years. Our new church is so impressive I just have to share with you some of the goodies that anyone can get out of this.

This past Sunday was by far the icing on the cake – it was the kick off to a series dedicated to anxiety and/or depression; I just cant wait to see what happens next week.

Take some time to watch this, its so healing, here: and I want to invite you to start watching even if you dont go to this church, or even if you dont go at all – This can very well be the turning point for so many people. This series on anxiety and depression is going to be amazing… And watch the previous sermons as well – they are so good and practical that just about anyone can find value in them no matter where they are in life! Find freedom today!

Jesus loves you so much – God Bless YOU!

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