Freedom – Do you love your dog?

My dogs, Daisy and Tucker – See this video of our older dog, Daisy, trying to get used to our newest addition, Tucker… They are so much fun, loyal and they are always happy to see us. This video is mid Aug I think. In the final frame of this video you can see a smile on Daisy’s face as she walks away. :o)

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…

What are you chained to? I had a vision today as I sat in a church event called “Freedom” and the vision was a dog chained up outside for years. Now, the dog had food and water each day, but not much else. His spirit was lost somewhere along the way, his tail just didn’t wag at all anymore.

In my vision I saw someone come and unhook the collar from the chain, ah free at last! Right? But the dog didn’t leave , he just stayed right there. He didn’t know there was anything better or different. He didn’t need the chain anymore to stay bound up.

And then someone came who loved this dog, saw its pain, recognized a need and began to speak life into him… the tail began to wag and that dog smile (those of us with dogs know when a dog is smiling) well that dog smile started showing, and eventually this dog had a brand new appreciation of his life… I am thankful for people who rescue dogs. If people can do this for dogs then we can also do this for people.

There are so many people who are bound up, chained and hopelessly stuck in things like addiction, grief, loneliness, and the list goes on and on. Those of us who have been set free from our stuff can recognize the need in others who are struggling with the same things we used to be. And we need people to come and unhook that chain and speak life into us… This sermon explains it all – click here to watch

That is where my heart is, with people who are chained up and in need of some serious tail wagging! I love to see broken people get some hope.. break those chains…and start wagging their tails… If you can unhook someones chain, then do it..We need more of those kind of people in the world today!

Try Celebrate Recovery for starters, these rooms are full of people who can spread hope to the hopeless –

Hurt people, hurt people…. Free people, free people! I pray that if you are chained up by something that God places the exact person in your path that will recognize your pain, approach you and unhook your chain!

In the meantime, these two dogs of mine are loving each other, they are so much fun,,, had to have a custom made quilt big enough for our king size bed that would allow for them to be in between us both and ensure my husband and I still have enough blanket left for us.

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