Empty your pockets for God’s sake!

So he/she left his/her spouse because they got in argument and went out to do dope/drink alcohol, cheat and/or act a fool. He/she had all of his/her pockets loaded with everything anyone ever did to him/her – those pockets held something so sacred, they never left home without packed pockets. They come in handy when…

Are you prepared for shortages?

So I grew up on a farm in western Kansas and we ALWAYS had a garden – too bad I was always moaning and groaning about having to help out with it. I wish I had paid closer attention – So now I have to take the mental scrapings I have left from back then…

The ACTUAL power of the Serenity Prayer

We all know the serenity prayer and some of us know the extra stuff that has been added to it to make it unique to the program of Celebrate Recovery – but do you know how valuable it can be to break it down and actual use its power over your life? Let me show…


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I am just a simple person who loves to write, I love to study the Bible and reflect on ways it can be applied to my life. I love my family and live one day at at time, one moment at a time.

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