The ACTUAL power of the Serenity Prayer

We all know the serenity prayer and some of us know the extra stuff that has been added to it to make it unique to the program of Celebrate Recovery – but do you know how valuable it can be to break it down and actual use its power over your life? Let me show you how to break it down and make it lifechanging!

We have said it so many times that its just something we say and then its POOF gone from our mind – but do you know that it actually has POWER!!!

You can download a copy of this off my site here

When I think about life and all the worries, stresses, problems, issues and how jumbled up they can become through issues of life like divorce, marriage issues, work issues, an illness in the family, financial issues and on and on I can go… too many to list! Its overwhelming, where do I start, how do I cope, what do I do, how do I fix all this???

What I have discovered is that there are, among all of those in YOUR list, things we cannot change. See below or print out the document for yourself and follow along!

I don’t know what you are going through but there are things you can change and those are going to be put in the red column – Those are Gods things, give them to him. If there is something you just don’t really know which column it is, put it in the yellow “wisdom to know the difference” column. Last, just list the things you CAN change and don’t worry yourself crazy with the other columns. Having this list will automatically bring it to your mind as soon as a worry enters where it is on the list and you will remember that its none of your business because God is working on that for you. Each day add/subtract/move each thing if need be and in the morning pray the serenity prayer over your list and also memorize that part of it at the bottom of the page as well.

Obviously God is not going to do for you what you CAN do for yourself but He is amazing at doing for you what you cannot do for yourself – He love you so much!! Give yourself a break today!!!

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