Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper

6 Jalapeños – Get some good fat ones

Philadelphia cream cheese – 8 oz – I like to get the jalapeno flavored but you don’t have to

Shredded cheddar cheese – 8 oz

Precooked bacon strips – You can use raw if you want

When I pick peppers at the store, I get a produce bag and open it, then I get another produce bag and use it like a glove so I don’t get the jalapeno juice in my eyes later.

Pre heat oven at 425

Before I start messing with them, I line a cookie sheet with tin foil so there is not so much of a mess later

Mix all ingredients above except the bacon, set aside

Open the bacon and get the slices ready for easy access

Next, I put on some type of a protective glove – you will regret it if you don’t. Make sure you are matriculas with keeping the peppers juices off your actual skin, it will burn for a good long while.

Clean the peppers in case someone sneezed on them at the store, dry them off after.

Cut them down the middle so they make a little boat shape, if you don’t let them keep the boat shape, they will spill out all the cheese stuffing when baking (I learned the hard way) So don’t cut the top off

Clean out the seeds and stuff from the guts of the pepper

Fill each pepper with filling and wrap a piece of bacon around it, place it on the cookie sheet

Bake for twenty minutes or until the bacon looks done and crispy

Rinse everything you used good with water and wipe down counter-top etc.. Try to clean up every speck of pepper debris and residue so no one else touches an area and ends up with jalapeno burns


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