The Bullseye

When I was growing up, and most of my young life, I thought of “church people” as way above me. In my mind they were perfect people and I felt about as good as a cockroach comparatively. Heck, when I was little this bus would sometimes pick us kids up and take us to church, then bring us back after. I remember in the kids class we would sing “Jesus Loves Me” and even though I sang that song with them, in my mind I was thinking “he probably loves you guys, but I know he doesn’t love me”.

Years later, due to a chain of events in my life, I actually REALLY found God: read my blog labeled Brother Ray and you will get a glimpse of my experience.

But what I discovered about “church people” was actually the opposite of what I always thought and now that I go inside prisons and jails to talk to the girls about Jesus, I often refer to the Bullseye to show people who Christians really are. Jesus came for the imperfect people, not the perfect people. He gave us a guide to study, the Bible, which can be referred to as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – Its like living water, the words are alive and can be used for living out our daily lives until we leave this earth.

I used to quote what I heard from others, things like “God never gives us more than we can handle” and so on. But come to find out, the Bible doesn’t say that at all – It says he will never leave us or forsake us, among other things (promises) – We can endure all things through Christ who gives us strength – Philippians 4:13

Anyway, before I get off track I wanted to share the bullseye depiction with everyone in case there are people who are out there assuming Christians are perfect people – no no no, that is not the case, we are just imperfect people with a forgiving God: we aim for the bullseye each day and at the end of the day clean that board off and start again the next day. So often I miss the board altogether but God don’t want to me to beat the heck out of myself every time I don’t hit the bullseye – He loves us like his sons and daughters!! Anyway, I hope this helps at least one person, God bless you!!

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