Generational excuses?

I recently saw a post on Facebook about people being micro-chipped and a biblical debate followed and that debate led a man to say:

Screenshot directly from the Facebook conversation

So I read this a few times and it reminded me of me when I was a non-believer. I had heard the excuses (there were many) of my elders growing up (not ALL my elders, but some of them) And I adopted them as my own, mainly for convenience sake. I had a whole list of excuses at the ready and pulled them one by one out of my pocket whenever I was faced with “an opportunity” to “need” one.

Also, people are so quick to blame God for sickness and disease and really we cause our own demise in this life. God gave us every good thing and we changed it – Look at the recent articles:

These are man made items that are causing more illness that you can even imagine, and this is just what you hear about. Monsanto, GMO, and other man made alleged “innovations” are killing us slowly. God didnt have anything to do with it – All he did was gave us free will to make choices so we are not a bunch of robots out running around. The food we are putting in our bodies, our children’s bodies. (Trust me, I am guilty of this also) Its so much more convenient to pop open a jar of baby food than it is to make our own, and almost EVERYTHING we buy in the grocery store is GMO or processed with some sort of chemical.

Its money too, the love of it… people will sell anything even if they know its going cause major illnesses – cigarettes, vapes, you name it, its out there at the ready for anyone who wants it. WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES. Read the labels on the packages of foods you buy once in a while, we are eating things that contain items we dont even know how to pronounce… And we have no idea what the items are.. Yet we eat it. A vicious circle

Its so sad to know that people do not believe in God because they think he is a monster or something who goes around killing people… So sad…

Generation after generation it gets worse and worse, just look at the statistics and compare it with the variety of man made goodies out there. As one grows, so does the other… Its simple common sense…

How can we possibly turn this around?

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