The Bullseye

When I was growing up, and most of my young life, I thought of “church people” as way above me. In my mind they were perfect people and I felt about as good as a cockroach comparatively. Heck, when I was little this bus would sometimes pick us kids up and take us to church,Continue reading “The Bullseye”

Pocket full of recovery

One of the most powerful moments I have ever had in my addiction “afterlife” came from the fresh feelings of grief when I lost my mother. Since drug addiction has run rampant through my family, it is always trying to rear its ugly head ANY old way it can. This keeps me on my toes!Continue reading “Pocket full of recovery”


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About Me

I am just a simple person who loves to write, I love to study the Bible and reflect on ways it can be applied to my life. I love my family and live one day at at time, one moment at a time.

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