This site is for anyone to enjoy, it contains some blogs, a variety of recipes, and some Bible studies I have been working on – I should mention that some recipes that I learned from my grandma (Best person ever!) and my step mom who had me cooking at an early age, she taught me a whole lot – I cant take all the credit. I was going to write a recipe book, and I still might , but for now I will post them here for everyone to enjoy!

My grandma & grandpa, they were farmers in Kansas. Hard working individuals my favorite people, EVER!

A tiny bit about me: I was born in Daytona Beach FL, raised in Kansas, lived in Iowa for a number of years (Slipped off the map for a few years) and now I am back in Florida – I love it here! I am married and have a few kids, and now have a couple of the most beautiful little grand kids you ever saw!

A few years back

My husband is amazing, what a great guy, he loves Jesus & is an excellent spiritual leader to our family. Every day is a special gift & the older I get the more I realized how precious each day really is. I have lost loved ones and friends to addiction- Many of which had horrible drug additions for years. My heart has a very special place for those who are addicted and / or in prison because of it. We volunteer in the prisons and jails here in Florida to tell about the healing power of Jesus!


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