Grandma’s Piggy Bank

One of the best restoration stories I have in regards to MY testimony and life story is about this old monkey piggy bank my grandparents had. So if you think God can not restore something in your life – Dont count it as “long gone” just yet my friend!

When I was little I got to stay at my grandma Bertha’s house from time to time and she was Theeeee best person I ever met to this day! I remember when I would sit by her bed and wait for her to wake up in the morning. The old piggy bank was stowed away in the bedside table – I would open the door and there it was – The old monkey piggy bank, I would pretend to talk to it (quietly of course) and I would sit there until grandma would start to stir – then I would shut the door and greet my grandma! Grandma died when I was still young…

Fast forward – Years later after running away from home, losing contact with everyone, I touched base with my aunt – long story short – She entrusted me with that piggy bank – It was my prize possession for sure.

Fast forward a few more years – another long story short – I was sinking quick in a horrible addiction, losing a little at a time. I even got to a point where I had to break into that piggy bank for the little bit of money that was inside – Since it was very hard to open (very sturdy plastic) I had to get a screw driver to open it; it had 4 small clips where you could pry – I broke one of the clips as I tried to open it, it finally opened and I got out every last penny.

Fast forward a few more years, 2001 I lost everything (I lived in Iowa at the time)… Including that monkey – Of everything I had that broke my heart the most, and it was no ones fault but my own. I was eventually sentenced to 42 months in the Florida Prison system and during that stint I prayed a very real prayer that God would please let me get that back one day,, at a garage sale or something.. I genuinely, from the very depths of my heart, wanted that piggy bank back.

Fast forward to 2013, I am sitting in my recliner watching tv with my husband and the thought strikes me to google up “monkey piggy bank” and “ape piggy bank” so I did and BOOM, there was a piggy bank looking exactly like the one I used to have – So I paid for it and actually had forgotten I ordered it so when it arrived my family and I were sitting out in front of our house – I was looking at the box and then it hit me that THIS IS THE MONKEY PIGGY BANK I ORDERED – And I said “If this has a bunch of screw driver marks and a broken clip then this is the exact same one.. So… I opened it – And IT WAS THE SAME ONE FROM ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!!

You can see the clip I am talking about…

I cried for four days straight… I contacted Etsy to find out who the person was that sold this to me and I asked her where she got it. She lives in Illinois and goes to estate sales and auctions and she found it at an estate sale – MY ESTATE – she had it for YEARS and when she saw that someone had ordered it she really didn’t want to get rid of it since she had it for so long, she was sad to see it go.

So you see – over 12 years later, more than 1500 miles away from home – God saw fit that I was ready to have this piggy bank back – And I still cry to this day when I tell this story… If God can restore this old piggy bank for me he can restore ANYTHING!

And here is the old boy as he sits today on a shelf in my bedroom!

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