Growth 🌱

I look at these plants everyday when I arrive at work and remember planting them five years ago at our (my husband and I) new office (Our company had already outgrown two offices, this was our third growth move) – just little baby crotons from Walmart (If I remember correctly) – I haven’t given them ANY of MY attention since that day. No water, no nothing! – I just planted them. Everyday I can’t help but notice the different levels of growth they, as individuals, have been through over the years – one in particular is a pretty sad sight for sure…hasn’t grown a bit. I suspect it’s because it’s not really positioned to gather enough water or sun like the others – through no fault of its own really, I’m sure if the plant could talk it would of told me “don’t plant me there, I won’t get enough rain or sunshine to grow”

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone to reflect, there are so many parables here. I think for me I can about relate to each of these plants. Through no fault of my own I was planted in an area where I didn’t really grow the spiritual roots I could of if planted in a better place while growing up as a kid. I had a lot of struggles to say the least. I was certainly planted but I didn’t get spiritual roots like some others I know who were planted close to me but – they thrived, I didn’t.

Over time I was uprooted and replanted, this time it was all ME, my idea, my choices and my new “chance”. I didn’t plant myself in a very great place, I did a little growing but – I wanted nothing to do with those Jesus people, that was for sure. So I lived a while until it got so bad that God had to pull me up by my roots – BEST DAY EVER!

He planted me in a nice cozy area where I could focus on him, and get plenty of Son-shine and living water – three full years of daily, minute by minute, spiritual food.

I feel like one of those flourishing plants right now ( 13 years later) – oh I could do better and I know it, but I’m in a better place than I’ve even known and everyday is a blessing in this thing called life. I see/meet/converse with people in my day to day walk that are in various plant stages – I try to remind them that this life is like those plants…. at least your alive still and can keep on trudging through to some better days; keep going!

I guess my message to you is – Keep going, get as much Son-shine and living water as you can while here on earth, be a light in a world full of darkness, and try to just grow where you are planted (The seasons of life, they change over time, I know for me, life is better and the cares of this world pale in comparison to what Jesus has for those who choose him)

I spent a few years in a biblical funk, I couldn’t pick up my bible and read it hardly at all… And although I was a strong bible reader for several years before the funk… while in that funk I just know I got stagnant and I was withering within – and everyday I watched others reading theirs and heard the pastor talking about the importance of digging into it, but still I struggled with it. Boy I sure am glad that cloud is gone and I am thirsty for that living water again!

How about you, what’s your take on this? I would love to hear it! Have you had times in your life where you can relate to one or more of these stages?

P.S. I swear that little scrawny plant screams at me every single day ” please, I’m desperate for some water and sun, please plant me somewhere else! 😩 I probably should get that done huh?

(1 Peter 5:6 – 5:9 NKJV)

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