The Bullseye

When I was growing up, and most of my young life, I thought of “church people” as way above me. In my mind they were perfect people and I felt about as good as a cockroach comparatively. Heck, when I was little this bus would sometimes pick us kids up and take us to church,… Read More ›

Pocket full of recovery

One of the most powerful moments I have ever had in my addiction “afterlife” came from the fresh feelings of grief when I lost my mother. Since drug addiction has run rampant through my family, it is always trying to rear its ugly head ANY old way it can. This keeps me on my toes!… Read More ›

God wants us “as is”

Maybe someone else needs to read this one.

During a very rough patch in my life I would get those little daily bread books and occasionally one would be so good that I would tear out the page and save it in my Bible. I just ran across this one. This is likely from 2004 – ❤️

It speaks for itself I think

God bless you!!!

Grandma’s Piggy Bank

One of the best restoration stories I have in regards to MY testimony and life story is about this old monkey piggy bank my grandparents had. So if you think God can not restore something in your life – Dont count it as “long gone” just yet my friend! When I was little I got… Read More ›


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